Founded in 2007, the Eastern Paintball League was born on the vision ofactvid2014 providing a national tournament experience to the regional tournament player.  Divided up into three conferences, the North, South and Mid-Atlantic regions, organized teams from numerous states and of various playing experience, that come together to compete in four tournaments per conference throughout the year.   At years end, our East Coast Cup will bring the top teams from all three conferences together to claim ownership as the "Best of the Best".   For this one event, teams will be competing for over $10,000 in prizes as well as paid entry to the 2014 PSP World Cup event in Florida.

The Eastern Paintball League has produced countless teams that have been podium contenders at national events year after year, thus proving that we are a true launch pad for teams that strive to be WINNERS at a more competitive level.  We invite each and every team to be a part of our vision in creating the best tournament experience there is to offer.  Then and only then can one understand why the EPL has more teams, better competition and more proven winners than any other league on the East Coast.




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